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Nozzum for Business Solutions is a Jordanian software and business solutions developer with a great ambition and a promising future vision. Nozzum strives to be a prominent actor on the market and establish a distinguished trademark as a leading company for providing business solutions locally and globally.

Nozzum for Business Solutions places major focus on its high-quality Enterprise "Remit Flow" product and constantly upgrades and develops it to meet the changing market needs and maintain sustainability. 

In addition, Nozzum for Business Solutions provides effective after-sale services that can promote time and effort efficiency for client institutions by offering customized business solutions for each individual client and ensuring smooth workplace without compromising operational or security standards.

Nozzum for Business Solutions was established in 2013 as limited liability company in accordance to Limited Liability Companies Act. Departing from well-established, exceptional experience and proved professional culture, the Company emerged as a service provider for money exchange and remittances and as seller of high-quality related systems and providing professional and world class quality after-sale services in the Middle East and Europe.


Our Vision is focused around creating operational entities capable of providing easy, rapid, competitive, efficient and innovative services for local, regional and global markets by determining and adapting with clients' market needs and constant adoption of practical efficient methods when dealing with clients to hold competitive and prominent market position.


Our Mission is to continue on exploring and meeting clients' requirements and consequent services in the most professional and competitive manner building on our staff's expertise being the core factor for fulfilling all clients' needs; this will maintain a considerable market share and reflect a positive company image and thus generating more gains.

Our Objective is to excel and take a leading market role through establishing high quality standards in money exchange and remittances market and providing professional services, along to achieving as many as possible software and operational activities for our company on the local, regional and global level.


Achieve customer satisfaction through providing a fast, secure, reliable and a competing Remittances and Money Exchange enterprise solution in appropriate prices.

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