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Anchor RemitFlow



We are providing an enterprise software solution designed for foreign exchange businesses who offer a variety of  financial services to their clients (such as international remittance transfers) through a network of agent2agent services.
Managing a foreign exchange company is a very challenging task, especially when it comes to accounting & operations. 


RemitFlow is a great platform for money exchange businesses whose main activities are based around foreign exchange
and money remittance services, as they typically require a reliable platform to manage their transactions.

RemitFlow is the most advanced multicurrency Point of Sale (POS) software, and it is used by many forex professionals
locally and globally. Within a very short period of installing our product, you and your staff will experience higher  productivity and a greater volume of sales.

Why Use RemitFlow? 

  • To automate your remittances and currency exchange operations

  • To remain in compliance with AML regulations

  • To print receipts for your customers

  • To minimize human errors

  • To track your trade volume in real time

  • To automatically update currency rates

  • To track your profit and loss

  • To track your average buy, sell, balance, and positions

  • To publish your rates on an LCD panel and/or website

  • To keep a record of all customer details

  • To control your operations and staff

  • To increase your staff productivity

  • And much more...


  • Remittances; Inbound / Outbound/ Interbranch/Instant networks

  • Customer KYC

  • Foreign currency – retail / wholesale

  • Automatic Currency Rate Updates

  • Currency Calculator

  • Multi-User with access privileges

  • Cash registers, Teller operations

  • Multiple Tills + Daily Till Reports

  • Multi-Currency Transactions in one invoice​

  • Multi-currency Account Definition

  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)

  • Multiple Picture IDs per customer

  • Daily Account Reports

  • Rate Panel

  • Cross-checks customers against sanctioned lists

  • Compatible with POS (Thermal) & all Laser Printers

  • Transfer between accounts

  • Database & System Level Log

  • Automatic Backup/Recovery

  • Full Administrative Control Panel

  • General Ledger/ Sub Ledger Accounts

  • Integrated Multi-Currency Accounting

  • Multi-Currency Bank Accounts

  • Reconciliation

  • Pricing manager

  • Ratifications / work flow

  • Archive system

  • SMS, Call notifications manager

  • Online integration with other systems and

       networks; Web / API ability

  • Offline integration; Files format integration,

  • Test Key ability

  • System monitoring

  • Bilingual, Arabic and English.

Anchor Remit Net



We are providing a money transfers platform comes with a many modules and services that can scale to your needs.

Remit Net money transfer system is the platform of choice for money transfer business that are achieving growth under below standards:



Your money is in the hands of your beloved ones in moments.



Ensure the preservation of highest quality standards and reliability in all ordinary and urgent circumstances



High end technologies that ensures the security of the information, transfers and full protection of your transfers against piracy and theft by authenticate transactions in one touch



The capability of the Remit Net system to serve the clients in high efficiency at all the locations that provide the service and around the clock

Remit Net modules

  • Operational system

  • Financial system

  • Agent Manager portal

  • Locations Online remittances portal

  • Security token mobile app

  • Loyal customer mobile app / web portal


  • Multiple Transaction Types: Cash pickup, Account deposit, Cash to door, Cash to mobile top-up and any other custom services depends on your needs like E-payments, E-Wallet, Cash to card, etc..

  • Loyal customer program and KYC

  • Multi-User with access privileges

  • Security: authentication your transaction in one touch

  • Integrations: Increase transactions volumes by accessing other global network's send and payout services via API, Batching, etc.

  • Multi Corridors with flexible pricing and fees Management

  • Multi Currencies with flexible currencies Rates Management; ability for Automatic Currency Rate Updates.

  • Complaints Management

  • AML sanctions screening, international black lists,  scenarios for partitioning and limits of transactions 

  • SMS Notifications

  • Daily reports, transactions, settlements, etc.

  • Reconciliation in spot, General Ledger/ Sub Ledger Accounts

Anchor Remit Secured



We are providing an access control system solutions to protect your application's operations by providing an easy way of authenticating and authorizing users to gain access to your applications and services.

Remit Secured System provide the identity and access assurance you need to block any attacks for your user's  credentials and your financial transactions.

Remit Secured System providing an easy and secure ways to verify your users’ by the Mobile authentication app.      

* Push notification

* Mobile OTP

We will help with your business every step of the way

• Technical Support & Troubleshooting
• Online Training
• Phone Support
• Remote Support
• Email Support
• Business Consulting
• Custom system development
• Custom report creation
• API integration
• Technical system checkup and maintenance.

Our services

Project Life cycle

Due to our experience in implementing RemitFlow, we are familiar with the best practice approach. This approach includes the following steps:

• Demo and pre-Sales activity
• Discussion and analysis of requirements
• Development and customization of RemitFlow
• Testing
• Parallel Run
• Production
• Support
• Customization during life cycle
• Update and Testing in UAT (User Acceptance Testing) environment
• Update on production environment

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